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The Holistic Health Institute was established in 2009 and has since expanded its professional services. Set up a holistic health care college medical center and comprehensive service center to provide high-quality holistic medical services. Founded by the founder Dr. Feng and a group of senior medical and rehabilitation experts, it has been rooted in the community to serve all levels, and adhere to the same belief that it is committed to providing professional, high-quality and diversified professional medical care and rehabilitation services to various institutions and those in need. individual.



Whole health, perfect body and mind



Integrate traditional Chinese and Western medicine to achieve a healthy year


  • Provide high-quality professional rehabilitation and nursing services for home clients to achieve a healthy and high-quality life.

  • Provide community care for the elderly and help them stay in the community as much as possible to enjoy their old age.

  • Provide institutional clients with high-quality manpower solutions to alleviate manpower shortages.

  • Constantly self-optimize, keep close to the market, maintain high-quality, appropriate and flexible services at all times, and create high-quality new services together with institutions.

  • 綜合服務中心簡介(復康、護理)及 私人上門服務

  1.   申請資助,增加整全保健學院服務

  2.   優化服務(包括擬訂設立日間中心服務)

  3.   提供個人護理服務

  4.   繼續提供社區教育

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